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Binta created a human rights podcast in her native language, Pulaar

Let’s help equip leaders like Binta with the knowledge they can use to broadcast the benefits of human rights awareness far and wide!

Tostan’s Binta Diao is an inspiring leader, a sensational speaker, and a dedicated development worker, devoting each day to empowering others. She also drives a pretty serious motorcycle.

“Women have the human right to speak out and voice their opinions.
They have the right to education and health.”
- Binta Diao, 
Supervisor, Human Rights Activist, Tostan

Women like Binta are the catalysts for greater awareness about human rights in rural communities in West Africa and across the world. Binta acquired the knowledge and confidence she needed to begin her own podcast thanks to getting involved in Tostan’s program in her community. She is now spreading the word about human rights and entrepreneurship to Pulaar-speaking communities across Senegal, championing women’s rights in the process.

In her podcast, Binta addresses villagers and community members about topics including health and wellbeing, as well as education and agriculture (she runs her own small business selling dairy products and vegetables). Other topics Binta covers on the air include Tostan activities in the various communities, recent events, and the subject that was her personal favorite as a CEP participant: human rights. Posing questions to the audience, Binta turns each broadcast into a veritable discussion. Listeners are invited to call in, ask Binta questions, and give their own input. In doing so, listeners are adding their own voices to the conversation.

Knowledge is a powerful tool, one that is empowering communities to create and amplify positive change with the help of dedicated leaders like Binta, one episode at a time.

Tostan’s community-centered programs help equip women with the tools they need to become leaders and have an impact on increasing gender equity across communities.

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