One woman’s intention – A planned gift for Tostan

sherri burnsTostan Canada celebrates the life of Sherri Burns, a caring soul and strong advocate of our mission. Sherri felt passionately that she had a part to play in improving the position of women and girls in society. For Sherri, it was a question of social justice. Supporting a movement for social transformation that is peaceful, that unifies, that is joyful, that reenforces positive traditions, and that is centered an understanding of human rights resonated with Sherri. She became one of Tostan Canada’s very first donors back in 2012.

Sherri approached her whole life, with generosity, calm, integrity, and unshakeable independence. In preparing for her death, Sherri bequeathed most of the proceeds of her Vancouver home to Tostan Canada, supporting educational programs in West Africa that bring about transformational change for resource-poor communities.

Thousands of women, children, and entire communities will have access to the transformative impact of Tostan’s programs thanks to Sherri’s generous spirit. It is a real testament to the ripple effect a person can have well beyond their own life.

To learn more about the impact of planned giving, reach out to Tostan Canada today.