Projects and Modules

In addition to Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program, new innovations and modules continue to be created that enhance the impact and effectiveness of Tostan’s work. Some of the innovative additions to Tostan’s programs that contribute to its growing success include the Parental Practices Module, the Child Protection Module, the Mobile Phone Module, Community Development Grants, the Solar Project, the Prison Project and the new Sustainable Development Training Center in Senegal.

Reinforcement of Parental Practices Module

Our Reinforcement of Parental Practices Module aims to reinforce knowledge gained in the Community Empowerment Program that encourages parents and other community members to create an environment for children’s academic and developmental success. READ MORE

Child Protection Module

The Child Protection Module helps build consensus around human rights and children’s rights while building awareness of the various moral, social, and legal norms that affect children. It emphasizes the importance of education and introduces ideas for how communities can work together to protect children.READ MORE

Mobile Phone Module

The Mobile Phone for Literacy and Development Module focuses on using mobile phone technology, specifically SMS text messaging, as a tool to reinforce literacy and numeracy skills. It is now an integrated part of the Community Empowerment Program.READ MORE

Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants are small grants provided to Community Management Committees (CMCs) to help fund community development projects as well as to establish CMC-run microcredit funds. Often these micro-credit funds are used to support women-owned small businesses as well as other community projects.READ MORE

Solar Power! Project

Our Solar Power! Project launched in 2009 in collaboration with the Barefoot College in India. It aims to address the issue of limited access to electricity by empowering rural communities across Africa with the skills to provide low-cost and sustainable electricity for themselves.READ MORE

Prison Project

The Prison Project aims to help detainees reintegrate back into their communities through participation in a modified version of the Community Empowerment Program. Participation builds their knowledge of human rights and equips them with practical skills to start income-generating activities.READ MORE

Centre de Capacitation pour le Développement Durable

The vision of the Centre de Capacitation pour le Développement Durable (CCDD) is to create a center for learning and knowledge-sharing in the area of sustainable development, both regionally and internationally. By playing a vital and responsible role in its community in Senegal, the CCDD also contributes to local development. The mission of the CCDD is to provide Tostan with suitable facilities for training as well as generate revenue to help fund Tostan’s community-led development activities. The CCDD is an autonomously functioning, self sustaining conference center hosting both Tostan and external guests.READ MORE