Dignity for All

Working together to strengthen human rights,
empower women and girls,
and foster community well-being

By facilitating the spread of human rights education and practical skills, Tostan provides rural communities with the knowledge and tools they need to determine their own futures and develop sustainably.

Areas of impact

Women and girls


When women and girls are able to participate, everyone benefits.
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Democracy and Civic Engagement


Working to strengthen democracy, accountability and civic engagement in municipalities and villages.
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Human Rights


Protect the rights of women and children and empower communities.
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1 of every 3 women in Sub-Saharan Africa does not finish primary school.
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The exciting social movement that arises from a holistic knowledge base.

66% of participants in Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program are women and girls and the inclusion of women in decision-making is growing.

Dignity for all is attainable.

The support of Canadians is instrumental.

Tostan unleashes potential

Long after participating in the Tostan program, communities continue to work towards their agreed-upon vision for a brighter future and continue to reach out to neighbours and their extended family to promote positive change.

Tostan has empowered thousands of communities like Soudiane to achieve breakthrough results in 8 African countries. Tens of thousands of women now hold leadership positions, and hundreds of thousands have embraced democracy and human rights.

The Story of Keur Simbara’s Breakthrough for Women and Girls’ Wellbeing

In 2016, ByKids helped Ndeye Fatou Fall tell about the profound changes that occurred in her community, Keur Simbara, thanks to Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program. In her own breakthrough story, ‘Walk On My Own’, she recounts what it means to grow up in the first generation of women free from female genital cutting and child marriage. Here, Ndeye Fatou and other women from Keur Simbara share their experiences and talk about their aspirations for the future of young women in their community, their country of Senegal and beyond.

Leading with Dignity in The Gambia

Democracy and human rights are at the heart of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP), and it is a message that resonates. Hear from women leaders in The Gambia who have participated in the CEP, have stepped up to take the lead, and are now creating a brighter future for their communities.