Celebrating 50 Years Together

My story, and that of Tostan, are both fundamentally about partnership, collaboration, community, and collective action. To me, it has never been a story of “Molly, a young American woman who went to Senegal” –  but rather a story of communities, dedicated colleagues, and many partners from local to global levels – all walking the path together and taking actions that lead to community wellbeing.

An African proverb states: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. As I look back and think – WOW it has really been 50 years! – I realize we have indeed come far and done so together. 

My deepest hope is that Tostan and our partners now go much further, together in support of community-led wellbeing and increased dignity for all.”  

– Molly Melching

What is 50 Years Together?

50 Years Together is an organization-wide campaign that will honor and express Tostan’s sincere gratitude for the leaders, staff and partners who have helped shape Tostan’s path, and the many wonderful people, including you, who have been part of Tostan’s incredible journey in partnership with communities.  We aim to position ourselves, our partners and communities to ensure a solid, sustainable future building upon our learnings, approaches and resources to further scale community wellbeing. 

How can I get involved?

Our partners are an integral part of this journey – past, present and future. Your support is critical in making Tostan and its partner communities’ vision a reality. We appreciate your donations of time, knowledge and financial support. You can:

Share your story and experience with Tostan via email at [email protected]

Post your stories, experiences and support on social media using #50YearsTogether

What am I supporting?

Your support of this campaign goes directly towards achieving Tostan’s mission to empower communities to develop and achieve their vision for their future and inspire large-scale movements leading to dignity for all. Your contribution ensures the next generation of leaders has the capacity to continue this transformational work alongside partner communities.