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Spotlight on Girls: The Marietou Law

Story by Penda Mbaye, Senior Program Officer in Dakar, Senegal Many years ago I was a facilitator of Tostan’s human rights-based education program, the Community Empowerment Program (CEP), in the small district of Hersent in Thiès, Senegal. There,...

Portrait of a Leader: Yama Bathia

A few years ago, Yama Bathia experienced gender-based violence in her own home.  Since that day, she has worked hard to create a safe space for problem solving in her community of Bougnadou Manjaque and to challenge harmful social norms, such...

Celebrating the achievements of Marième Bamba Portrait of a pioneering leader

20 years ago, Marième Bamba's life changed in a way she had not expected. Growing up in a Bambara village in rural Senegal, her fate as a woman seemed decided when she was born; becoming a young bride, forgoing formal schooling, starting a family...